April 1, 2021 by Arabella

Vintage Wedding Photography


So you’ve had your heart set on a vintage wedding since you started dreaming of marrying your Mr or Mrs Right!

Now it’s time to pick a wedding photographer who will be able to capture that special feeling of your wedding day in all its vintage retro glory.

After wading through the inevitable list of recommendations from friends, family and random internet referrals, you’ve finally chosen Wedabelle to capture those precious vintage wedding moments.

Bride and groom under a tree

Let us introduce your Wedabelle photographer for the day;

Krystian graduated in Photography, first in Poland, then in London! He has since been photographing portraits, adverts, editorials and, of course, weddings.

He has also been working as a Professional retoucher/editor for a well-established post-production studio throughout this time.

Car driving away

Due to his experience in the commercial photography world, he is a very professional, talented photographer. He can cope with anything thrown at him - including a tricky venue with romantic (aka dark) lighting!

There are always enormous advantages for a wedding photographer, as you don’t always know what you will encounter on the day.

Bride smelling a bouquet

Having worked for years as a professional retoucher, Krystian can use his editing skills to create the most beautiful vintage looking wedding photographs with warm tones that remind us of that ‘golden age’, Krystian

With Love, Wedabelle