April 1, 2021 by Arabella

Documentary Wedding Photography


First things first, Photojournalism, Reportage and Documentary photography are all the same in the wedding world.

Some prefer to call themselves ‘Wedding Photojournalists’ and others ‘Documentary (or Reportage) Wedding Photographers’.

Guests at a wedding

These types of photographers are unobtrusive and let you get on with your day, only bothering you if necessary.

They want to capture your wedding as truthfully and objectively as possible, and you shall often be unaware of their presence.

Girl peeking over wall

They are waiting for those beautiful moments that you will forget in the business of your day, but which will be so important when you look back at the photos: that moment your new husband proudly looked at you as you both walked out of the church, that moment he pinched your bottom and that moment your granny said something amusing and made you laugh!

Excited bride

Capturing a bride naturally laughing and not knowing the photographer is there makes the most beautiful photograph.

With Love, Wedabelle